Chloe Connections

We love our little girl!!  There's no question there.  We also know why we love her so very much!  She would make us laugh.  She gave the very best hugs because she would just melt in to you.  Her smile, even if only a flash, changed your whole day.  She would work so hard to do what seemed to us the simplest things.  She was patient and waited for her siblings needs to be met.  She was Chloe Jane, does there need to be another reason?!

This page is not for us to list why we love her, but rather it is here in the hopes that you will comment on how you connected with our "CoCo Bean".  Why you loved her and felt connected to her.  My hope is that as my children start to forget the little things, or start to question if anyone cared about their sister, they will be able to look back and see just how much she affected the world around her.  How many hearts she touched.  How big her little life really was.

Thanks for taking the time to share this journey with us and why Chloe mattered to you.



  1. We met Chloe during our Thanksgiving Break 2012. We spent the weekend with your family - we had a great time at the Malmrose's house, in your fun backyard, and at Travel Town.

    We all remember Chloe as a bright light. When Chloe looked at you, you felt happy and you felt love. We have a cousin named Jane that has the same spirit about her, and so we all felt immediately connected to Chloe Jane for that reason. Chloe reminded us of goodness and the worth of a soul.

    We also were touched by the feeling we felt with each member of your family. That heavenly light was shining through each Walch, with Chloe at the center. I, personally basked in watching Melissa, a dedicated, loving Mother with her beautiful baby. We have no doubt that the light we felt from you all is still glowing, and always will!

    Your Christmas Card has been front and center on our counter these last couple of weeks. We look at each of your faces and pray for each of you. Our prayers have been that Heavenly Father will bless you with all the comfort possible at this time. We love you! Love, The Pugsley Family, Stan, Sarah and kids.

  2. To us you are an adorable face in a number six shirt on a Christmas card among your siblings- you are a joy we joyed in, a marvel we marveled at. Now our joy is turned to sorrow. We cry- we grieve- for we have to learn to accept it too. You have a big job to do- coming around and comforting us all. You have taught us how precious life is, how precious our relationships are, how we need to treasure the moments and try so hard not to take for granted what we have. You have shown us how close heaven is-such an angel as you are. How lucky that your mom got to hold you in her arms. Such a privileged came with such a price- you have refined your parents into gold. Thank you. Thank you for your life. Thank you for those smiles. We all will never be the same and we ARE really glad you came. -the streadbecks

  3. I never had the privilege of meeting sweet Chloe, but I feel like a better person for having read about the enormous impact she has had on her family and loved ones during her brief sojourn on earth. What a beautiful gift her life truly is! What a blessing to have this pure and perfect soul in your home! Thank you for sharing your journey, Melissa. My heart aches for you and your beautiful family. Please know that you're in our heartfelt prayers and that you've given us resolve to love a little deeper and appreciate at a higher level. Thank you for your examples of faith, love and strength. Twenty years after the mission and you're still teaching me, Miss.
    All our love, Liz and Erik Ence and kids

  4. When Melissa told me she was pregnant with a Down's Syndromne baby I felt an immediate connection. I understood how it must be a time of changing perspective for her and so I held in my joy for her at that time. I have a brother with Down's Syndrome. He is such a blessing to our family. I was 12 when he was born. I used to make fun of special needs children sometimes. I think when people are different from us we sometimes don't know how to react and so we jest. Immediately, my perspective changed and I felt such deep love for my brother. I knew from a young age, because my parents taught me, that he was here to help us become better people. What a gift he has been to our family! He is fun-loving and very tender. When I was sad as a teenager, I would go to him for comfort and he intuitively know that I was sad and would comfort me with a hug and knowing look. He makes me laugh hysterically with his dance moves and jokes. There is something very uncanny about Down's Syndrome children that makes them feel connected to the same wonderful spirit. So I was so excited for Melissa and her family. They truly are a gift. Our brother is still teaching us in our family about love and sacrifice. Even though Chloe is on the other side, I am sure she will continually teach your family and comfort you.

  5. Chloe has affected me to an extent that I never would have predicted. As I read your email updates throughout pregnancy, I felt as if I was experiencing those things with you. After reading and discussing "A Good and Perfect Gift" in book club, I spent hours researching Down's syndrome online, and sought out other books that described the experience of having a child with ds.

    I was so looking forward to getting to know her as she grew. I would see her in your arms at church, and she was like this little shining light. I wanted to hold her and play with her, get to know who she was, but church is so busy, and we never served in the same callings or had kids that lined up quite right for playdates. I imagined her growing up with Corinne, and was excited to see what friendship would develop as they went through primary together.

    I was at Costco one Saturday around Christmas, and I passed a young man with Down's syndrome playing a display keyboard. I was overcome with the desire to approach him, smile, and be friendly. My gut reaction was so different from what it used to be. I used to feel uncomfortable, and not know how to act. More recently, I passed a gentleman at a bus stop who appeared also to have Down's syndrome, and I felt drawn to him in the same way. I smiled, and wanted to stop and find out more about him.

    I will never be the same person I was before I knew Chloe, and I will never forget her. Thank you for continuing to share your little girl with us all.

  6. I remember meeting dear sweet baby Chloe for the first time at a Rosemont breakfast one Saturday morning. I was standing in line to get my food when I got close to the round table surrounded with the whole Walch Clan gathered with baby Chloe sitting in the center. I walked up to the table to say me hello's to the family and the first person that comes up to me is Big sister Emma beaming and telling me all about Chloe's hearing aids, she was so happy to tell me all about her little sister. Then Spencer looked at me and said "can you tell she is loved?" You sure could! As I stood back in line I loved watching all the hustle and bustle of the kids checking in with Melissa and Spencer at the table then going about their business then coming back again.
    I always enjoy watching your family and I know that your strength comes from your faith. Melissa you inspire me to be a better mom and I thank you and your family for being an "open book" and sharing your joys and sadness with us all. Thank you for sharing your perfect family with us all!!